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More Than a Workout





Angie Felice

Bobbi Huston

BEATZ Fitness is not your average workout class. We provide an environment that is welcoming to all, no matter your fitness level, age, dance experience, or anything else. We provide a ZERO judgement zone filled with upbeat music, loving students, and skilled teachers. 

Our classes are held just like a night out with all of your closest friends! We dance, we laugh, we SWEAT--- all to THE BEST music and beats to get your body moving! 

BEATZ playlists include all the top hottest dance hits you hear on the radio mixed with Hip Hop, Latin, Reggaeton, Dance Hall, Pop and everything in between. 

You do not have to be a member-- drop in anytime to check us out! Your first class is FREE!!!


Why You Should Love BEATZ

"I’ve taken dance fitness classes for years, at multiple gyms with many instructors, and after finding BEATZ, I won’t go anywhere else! Bobbi and Angie have created an environment that is the most fun and the most welcoming, while also being the most incredible workout. You’ll sweat your butt off and love every minute of it!!!"


March 2, 2019

"I love Beatz! The music is awesome, the instructors are motivating, and you don't dread working out like you do with other exercise options. It's actually FUN. You don't need to be intimidated that you're "not a dancer" or won't "look good" either--it's a judgement free zone. Not only is it an awesome workout--you'll have fun doing it. Thanks for what you do ladies!"


January 18, 2017

"Love love love this class. It’s not just the music, though it’s great. It’s not the vibe, but that’s also great! It’s the people! Angela and Bobbi are wonderful instructors. They make you feel at home, ready to accept who you are and create space for you in their family. Then they encourage you to be the best you. All whiles shaking your booty! Need a community that’s accepting of all and have a fun time - this is the place you need to be! I always look forward to the next time I get to go, and so will you!"


March 2, 2019

BEATZ Fitness

More Than A Workout

80 Clairedan Drive 

Powell, OH 43065

Tel: (740) 407-6999

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